Bug:Squish Mesh

(7.0.20119.13305, 4/28/2020)
RH6_AND_7.3dm (107.1 KB)

Hi @PowerShape, if you manage to select the result, run _RebuildMesh to fix the selection and clipping problem.

@pascal, i remember that i reported this to tech 4 years ago but i cannot find the youtrack item for it. Could you make an item for it please ?


@PowerShape, @clement - there is a bug here that is likely the same thing:

RH-48452 Squish result hides

but I added a new YT because this behaves slightly differently - works after a save/reopen, here.

RH-58242 Squish output is clipped and not selectable

(as an aside, it helps to UnweldVertex a vertical row of vertices on the cone before Squishing - the resulting shape makes more sense)


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RH-58242 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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