Squish bug?

This worked yesterday but today it’s not behaving. I’m using Squish to flatten the sphere shape and the curves on it. When I squish today, the mesh is not visible or selectable. I know it’s there because when I Cntrl-Shift select, the mesh verticies show up as points. Is there anything I can do?squish no mesh.3dm (253.5 KB)

seems like a bug. when i trim a couple of the edges of the surface before squishing, the mesh displays as expected.


@Andrew, i see it acting strange here as well. Also the result is grouped which makes selection quite difficult as the objects to squish are far apart from the results.

To make the resulting mesh selectable again, i´ve used _SelMesh then _RebuildMesh.


Hi Andrew- yep, thanks , we got this via tech@mcneel.com - the short term solution is to RebuildMeshNormals on the output. V6 appears to handle this correctly.