Issues with Squishinfo and Squishback

Hi all
I found some bugs related to squish, squishback and squishinfo commands:

  • Squishinfo open a Squish information window which is actually empty

  • Squishback return curves to the original surface correctly only if curves do not extend outside squished shape border.
    image blue lines trimmed by border

    fuxia lines extending over border
    result is correct (apart from some inaccuracies in high curvature area) for blue lines only. Fuxia lines converge to corners.

  • Squishback works with surfaces and meshes but NOT with meshes created by Quadremesh. video here

Test File here

Running Rhino Version 7 SR12
(7.12.21299.13001, 2021-10-26)
on W10 PC

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Hi @brian ,
any feedback about this?
look like squish is not working as expected.
Please have a look at my post just above.

Hi @luca4

I split your issues into a new topic for clarity, the rest of the thread seemed to be about an issue in selecting the results of Squish, which has been fixed.

I’m tracking these bugs here:
RH-66215 SquishInfo does not give any result
RH-66216 SquishBack does not work with curves extending outside of the pattern
RH-66211 SquishBack does not recognize a Squished mesh

What did you have in mind regarding the lines extending past the flat pattern? Should they be trimmed to the surface before being squished back, or are you expecting to see 3d curves extending outside of the 3d surface as well?

Thanks for your reports!

Hi @pierrec
please find details below,
Thank You!

They should be trimmed to the surface before being squished back.
It is easier just drop a bunch of lines over the contour than have to trim them before.

Hi @pierrec
do you have any news about this bug?

I just checked on YT and look like is not being worked out yet, with a release target 8.x

Meshes created by quadremesh give a better squished outline but this is useless if I cannot squish back contours.


Hi @luca4

I’m not actively working on Squish bugs right now. I’m planning on looking at them when I’ve cleared a few more stuff off my SubD and Mesh lists. This has been happening in Squish for some time unfortunately ( RH-60837 Squish back failure, RH-44783 squish back failed), and I think all these will be fixed in v8.

Can you confirm this a bug you are seeing with all meshes obtained with QuadRemesh? I thought it was only isolated cases like in the bugs I linked above. I’ve been doing more testing and it seems like it’s actually all meshes from QuadRemesh. That would make it a higher priority and warrant a fix in v7.

Sorry I missed that before.

Hi @pierrec
In my tests looks like this bug is happening on ALL meshes obtained from QuadRemesh.

I am working around it using meshes and tweaking settings in order to getter better results.
I would prefer being able to use QuadRemesh as fairness of Squished contours is much better.

RH-66215 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 18


just tested in Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.22011.12315, 2022-01-11)
and is working fine.
I do thank you, you are the best support I know.

Nevertheless, there are still issues open with Squish command:

What about these?
Thank You

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SquishInfo results are present, but don’t appear to be correct if there are multiple squish results (flat surfaces) in the file. Only the last squished result is correct.


As an additional request, can the squish info be saved to attribute user text fields of the flattened surface, including the area, compression and expansion results?