Squid Instructions Fill Texture fails at SquidPDF

Hello there everyone,
and thank you for you time.
I’m using Squid from Shapediver to create some nice PDFs, I want to fill a rectangle with a certain texture of a Bitmap I imported. Squid is working pretty well for me so far, however this error comes up when the “Fill Texture”-Component.

The Problem persists in Rhino 7,6 and other machines as well. Are those things not combinable or am I missing something?

Thank you so much already for your support :slight_smile:

Check out these tutorials on how to set up PDF exports, sample files are in the descriptions of both videos. Also, feel free to share a minimal version of your definition so I can have a closer look.

Hi! Here are the two files, I recreated them again, and it gives the same error when filling a rectangle with a texture.001|690x328 001_squidError.gh (18.4 KB)

Simply use Squid’s Image component to draw a bitmap on a rectangle, see the example file from the video tutorial above:

2_parametricPdfs.gh (130.5 KB)

yeah I found a workaround now with it, by rescaling the rectangles to fit the sizes of the bitmaps. I thought it would work to use it as a texture, without having to the rectangle, so it would just “fit” in.
But thanks for the suggestion file. So putting in textures doesn’t work for the moment?