SD/Squid Bitmap formating ≠ PDF formating

I’m working on configurators for several print products. I noticed that the output of squid bitmap vs. squid pdf is not reliable.

the following example shows two issues which wont allow to go into production as the client will be presented with an output that’s ≠ pdf for printing data.

1= line pattern representation
2= text handling

while it might be possible to fix line pattern by adding a couple of nodes, I can’t think of an easy workaround for the text problem.

the text for the pdf seems to cull everything > 1 space. the squid texture you see in the sreenshot is fed with exactly the same data as the pdf node (both horizontal alignment = left). The text in the screenshot comes straight from python calendar and is ment to be organized through spacing, using monotype letters.
squid bitmap:

Squid PDF:

As it says “Squid (ShapeDiver edition)” - I wonder if there’s a chance for you guys to fix this


Thank you for reporting this issue. We have noticed ourselves an issue with the component that we are working on currently. Could you attach a definition producing the two issues you mention above? We would then look at them at the same time.