Square pipe

Hi, i make this square pipe (photo 1) from this rail (photo 2) but the endings of the profiles are not perfect. Any idea of how i can fix it?

@DanielPiker any ideas here?

@brunosisso01 Maybe you can simply use the Multipipe command, then use ExtractControlPolygon and afterwards use Unweld.


It seems as if Multipipe does not result in square pipes in this case.

Here’s a possible solution:

dodecahedron.gh (31.9 KB)

@martinsiegrist You’re absolutely right. My solution will result in just “almost” square result. So it would NOT be useable for real construction.

However, if it’s just for visual purposes it “might” be ok. Here is what it looks like using the method I mentioned above:


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It looks like this question was posted 5 months ago, so not sure it’s still going to be useful now, but anyway-
To do this all in Rhino without using Grasshopper, I’d approach this by first orienting 3 edges (using Orient3pt) so their ends are on the XY plane,
then model the connection for that single node with the orientations and geometry you want, using extrusions, booleans etc.
(using half length edges will make the next step easier, since then you only need to model one node)
then use orient and array to put this geometry on the whole dodecahedron.

(in Grasshopper there are many more ways to do this)

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