What about square pipes

just say yes

Hi Ryan- How would you orient the square? For now, the workaround is - select a round pipe (un capped) and ChangeDegree in V to 1.

let’s not get bogged down with the details pascal.


I guess you have a type-in or gizmo for setting degrees off vertical at various points along the path if that’s desired… Same way you change pipe diameters along the path.

I think what would be magical. is to have, something similar to sweep Modifier in 3D Max.

Yes, use Grasshopper.

If you want a definition to show how, let me know… probably only a few components are needed.

A couple of scripts are mentioned here…

Square pipe built into Rhino would be most excellent. ChangeDegree does not work for a polysurface. Orientation of the square could be default perpendicular(normal?) to the line and oriented on the z-axis. The rotation could be added with a degree input? Something along the lines of sweep1? Avoiding the hassle of drawing, then orienting the rectangle?

8 years later & this would still be super useful!


All of those staircases I build…

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