Curve into square

Hi can anyone help me. In the image you will see a structure I have built. I started with a line drawing and then piped it in rhino. But what i actually want is a for the structure to made of .6mm by .6mm solid square and not a circle as you get with the pipe command.
Is there anyway I can turn my line drawing into a 3 dimensional square. Exactly like the image provided except not circular but square.
I hope its clear what I am asking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

if you look around on the forum somebody made a script for this, not sure was it @Helvetosaur

Ok thank you although I don’t know what a script is. I will have to look into that, pretty new to this. In the meantime I have been looking and I think what I need to do is called square pipe.
Although rhino is telly me unknown when I type square pipe.
Thanks for taking the time.

Yes, I have a square pipe script, but the problem is that you can’t really control the orientation of the square cross-section around the curve. In any case the joints at the corners will be difficult. Here is the result of a simple cube standing on a corner:

Anyway, fwiw, here is the script. To run it, copy it to your desktop, then type _RunPythonScript, browse to the .py file on your desktop and Open. Then follow the command prompts. (5.8 KB)

Thanks very much. I see what you mean alright. That may be a problem for me. But I will take a look and have a mess around and see what happens.
Thanks for your time.
Appreciate it.