Spurious warning message when running a modified script

In V6, I am now often getting warning messages like the following when running a script I am developing - after having opened an existing script and modified a few things, then run to test (without saving first).


And this when I only have one instance of Rhino open, and do not have the script open anywhere else. If you answer “Yes” it reverts all changes since the last save…


Hi @Helvetosaur,

Never seen this. I don’t suppose you can provide us a way to repeat?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

to repeat with a file that is actually edited in another application:

Create a file in the scripteditor and save it somewhere.
Open the file with another application, edit it and save it.
Coming back to Rhino the message appears:

That I could understand, and would not be a problem. However, this happened when I had only one instance of V6 open and one script file that I was modifying… I actually got two different messages, one was even longer than the one I posted, it was on the clipboard ready to post, but i accidentally overwrote it…

@dale Yep, easy, figured it out…

  1. Open a simple script that already exists in the editor
  2. Run it once
  3. Use SaveAs to save the script under a new name (the original is closed and the copy with the new name is active in the window)
  4. Run the newly-named script - you will get the dialog popping up (here at least)

Trying to reproduce this. No luck so far.

Here’s what happens over here…


I see that you’re saving in a dropbox folder and my 1st guess was that dropbox was doing something to the file but I still can’t reproduce the problem if I save to dropbox.

If you save somewhere else do you still have the problem?

It doesn’t appear to be a problem if I save to the desktop. So maybe Dropbox is the problem - seeing as it is also perhaps implicated in some of the other file saving problems that are being reported… This was never a problem with V5…

Unfortunately, I have my entire script library in Dropbox…

Unfortunately, I have my entire script library in Dropbox…

Of course you shouldn’t have to stop saving to Dropbox.

I suspect it’s a combination of dropbox and how the main Rhino window and Python editor are going in and out of focus. Would you mind sharing your file and script in hope that I can reproduce the problem?

Here’s the script -

RotateObjsAroundBBCtrAxis.py (629 Bytes)

The file can be any kind of object, I just made a random surface to verify that the script was flipping the object in the right direction.

I can reproduce the problem with your file. Thanks!

Being prompted to reload files if they were modified by another editor was a feature requested for Rhino 6 and that’s why you don’t have the problem in Rhino 5. Worst case if there’s no reasonable way to fix these edge cases we can provide a setting to turn the feature off.

Aha! Wonder what’s different about my file…? Anyway, thanks for testing! --Mitch

Don’t know yet.

This specific case of saving to Dropbox combined with text editor UI goes in and out of focus causes the system to fire a ‘change’ event even though the file hasn’t changed. It can be hard to control these edge cases so I added an option to disable the feature. See RH-44567

RH-44567 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate