Disable warning dialog when saving to RH5 files


Is there any easy way to disable the warning pop-up that appears every time that you want to save in RH5 file format? Indeed, I would like to have that window for RH6 format as it limits the interaction with other people currently using RH5.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Angel - try these macros-

! _-Save Version=5 Enter
! _-Save Version=5 Browse

Does that help at all?


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the fast reply. Totally, just replacing the default settings in my keyboard shortcuts and aliases made the trick. Simple and effective :slight_smile:

BTW @pascal , another annoying thing is when you save in V5 format and exit or load another file after, as it detects that you didn’t save in V6 it asks you again if you want to save the file (even though you just did).


Hi Angel - that’s right - saving to another version does not make the current version of the file - that is open now - the same as that saved file. The current file is still a V6 file -containing different information than the save to V5 does - and has not been saved as that.


And is there any way that you know of disabling/bypassing it?

I ask because right now we are in a mixed version situation in the office (and with clients), some are using RH6 others RH5 and usually, for keeping it easier for everyone, we drop the file version to RH5.

It would help to be able to have different icons for the different 3dm versions too.

Hi Angel - see how this works:

! _-Save Version=5 Browse -runscript (Rhino.DocumentModified False)

Also, @Angel - dunno if it is of any use in your office, but here’s a script that will show you what versions the files in a particular folder are:
VersionGetter.py (1.4 KB)

! -RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

as a macro.


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Yes, we use to load scripts using RunpythonScript, but I didn’t know that the file version could be checked through py. Will implement something for internal use :slight_smile:

Even though is a partial solution as the problem usually comes exploring folders in windows and opening files. We use to indicate the version in the filename so no one tries to open a V6 file with RH5, etc. As I commented, having different icons would make it way easier and faster but I assume that is a windows limitation if the extension doesn’t change.

Oops, sorry I think that at the time that I replied the link was not updated in your post. I got it.

Thanks for that!