I hate this message! I love this message. Solved

I often edit my Python scripts with a single session of Rhino 6 running (no other Rhino sessions are open). After a few minutes of editing the script and running it from the Python Editor by pushing F5, the following message appears:

This happens about 100 times during a typical day. Sometimes the message is hidden behind another view and it takes me a while to realize that this is the reason that my Rhino session seems locked. Then it can take a bit to find the message and click on No to get going again.

I have been doing this for over a YEAR. Year, like in 365 days or 31,536,000 seconds. That’s 26,000 times I have clicked on No (100/day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks/year).

Now I ask: PLEASE FIX THIS. I hate this message when it misbehaves!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this message. It is very valuable to be notified of a file change when I am running multiple Rhino sessions so I do not shoot myself in the foot and loose work. But when only 1 session is running and I am not using the file manager to alter the file, it is logically impossible for the file to have been changed. I always click No and have never lost anything from the file under this circumstance.

Please, please I am down on my knees begging you to fix this. I believe others have also seen this message (Mitch comes to mind).

Maybe there is an Option for turning off this warning message. But I do not want to do this. I want so see the message when multiple Rhino sessions are running. I just do not want to ever see this message again when only 1 Rhino session is running. @stevebaer, @dale


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Hi Terry,

I have scriptfiles open in the editor all day and never get this message. So I wonder what is causing it.

Maybe some process in the background is handling the file making Rhino think it is changed.
Since each time you run a script, it is saved it could be something that kicks in after a file is saved to disk.

Maybe some encryption service or maybe win10 file compression:

Can you think of anything else on your system handling files in the background?


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I believe it is related to files that have
from SomeThing.py import Something
and this SomeThing.py is in a subfolder added subsequently to syspath.

I also get it every now and then, but not constantly so I doubt it’s compression related.
There are other threads in the forum opened for this same thing.

I get this periodically.

You probably have this setting unchecked…

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it is not related to that setting.

Well, that’s what I was led to believe anyway… If you uncheck that do you still get the messages?


I turned off Windows File Compression and will see if this fixes the problem. I have made it thru 3 hours without the message appearing. This seems to be the solution on my computer running Rhino 6.

My Watch files under Python Options is checked just like yours. As it has been for the last year.