Spotlights do not render


Hi guys,

I am having a problem with rendering spotlights. I have 47 spotlights that render correctly in the viewports, however when I use the renderer the spotlights do not appear. I am using the default Rhino renderer.

I am using an Nvidia GT 730.

What do you think is the problem?




(John Brock) #2

The graphics card is not likely involved.

Can you post a simple file that illustrates the problem?

(Brian James) #3

I bet the tip of the cone of the spot light is inside the model. This will prevent it from working in the actual rendering but the Rendered viewport will work if shadows are off for the mode.



How did you knowwwww??? I spent 3 hours and got so disappointing that it was not working.

Why does the viewport render it but the renderer won’t?


(Brian James) #5

I’ve seen the issue before.

Think of the light as shining from the tip of the cone. If it’s inside an object, the shadow of that object prevents the light from being seen. If you decrease the shadow intensity for the light in the Properties panel it will be though. In the Rendered display mode you must have shadows disabled which is why it was working there.


I don’t think it is disabled, but I will have to check again.

Regardless in the future I will pay attention to the location of the source of the light as of course having it inside an object won’t allow it to spread.

Thanks a lot.