Splitting Multiple breps with 1 cutter

Hello, i am trying to split the resulted panels by the loft roof so it doesn’t go pass it can someone help please ?
Split question.gh (12.4 KB)

A few points:

  1. Your breps look a little badly defined. This may be intentional, but the edges of some curve across the corners. Seeing as it looks like you;re making a building, this wouldn’t be desirable.
  2. The split you were doing does work, it’s just that some surfaces weren’t entirely cut by the roof as the surface extended beyond the edge of the roof. Also, once you’ve split the panels you need to then select which of the split surfaces you want to keep and which to get rid of. You’ll see if you connect a list item component to your original split, the result is you keep most of the panels you want.
  3. Rather than try to select the desired panels from your roof split, I opted instead to split using the boundary curve of the brep which you originally panelized. From there I just need to select which panels I want and which I don’t. I did this by culling all those panels whose centroid is outside of the original boundary curve.

Split question.gh (17.2 KB)

LOL, that is so much neater!
Here of you have all the split surfaces, including the strange ones.
I created an actual solid, based on the curves you used for the roof, to split these surfaces, then sifted the ones inside the solid.
Split question_ME.gh (22.2 KB)

With that though you still end up with a lot of strange surfaces and repetitions:

Not sure on what your project is, but these look undesirable.

Oh no, it’s not my project. I was trying to help the OP.
I guess I unintentionally replied to your post.

And I don’t know what the OP wants with these strange surfaces.

Ah sorry I thought you were the OP! My bad, just read it too fast haha.

i know there is a problem when i patch the surface it goes back to its original shape and that causes trouble… this is all a try to work around of dividing my trimmed surface into vertical and horizontal panels but i couldn’t figure it out thank you for your help

this is my 1st problem that i couldn’t solve

here is what i intended to do at 1st but failed so if you have any other ideas that would be great
thank you for your help

I’ve replied to your last post in that topic with a solution to your original problem