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Currently I’m making a 3D wall panelling system. This system consists of 4 panels with a wavy surface. To create an aesthetic view, the waves should be able to flow from one panel to another.

For some reason, I can split the left half with the horizontal extrusion but when I split the right half I get an error ‘Split did not succeed’. Basically, it is the same action so I really don’t understand why it works with one but not the other.

Wall panel.zip (44.4 KB)

Can someone explain to me what’s the reason for this? It would be such a big help!

Thanks in advance!


If you make it a little larger, you can Split it.
Wall panel_Re.gh (36.5 KB)

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You don’t need a .zip file and don’t need the Rhino file. And don’t need a lot of stuff in the GH file!

Wall panel_2023Feb27a.gh (28.2 KB)

Plane Through Shape (PxS)


Oh, big thanks!

Thanks! Didn’t hear about ‘PxS’ yet, it makes the code a lot shorter!

Using volume centroid was not the best choice. Looking further back in your code, area centroid of the lofted rectangle is better. They are close but not the same.

Wall panel_2023Feb27b.gh (27.7 KB)

Looks like the rest of your code could be simpler too?