Splitting domain values



What’s the best way to apply sub-domains? I’m struggling with it as I’m in a situation I’ve never approached before. I don’t even know if I am phrasing the question correctly.

Given a mesh of about 90,000 faces in this case, I’m calculating the angle for each. All good. What I’m trying to output is a visual depiction of the colour-coordination of those angles, where everything below 15 is red (unacceptable), and everything from 15-90 is a gradient of green (acceptable).

Where I’m stuck is getting those out puts to work. I don’t want to “split” the list into two (-15 versus +15), as ideally it would just remain as a single entity. I’ve done a serviceable work-around where I manually input the percentage break-point for red to green in the gradient colour mapper, in this case all numbers being 0-60, so the 15-break-point-value is at 25% on the slider.


What I’d really like is to make all values below 15 as red, and all values of 15-60 to automatically go to the green gradient. Best way of going about this?


Normally I’d post a photo but don’t currently have access to the model.

(Ethan Gross) #3

Maybe this will be applicable as an example. It uses the Consecutive Domain and Find Domain components.

Find Domain.gh (11.8 KB)

(Ethan Gross) #4

Just saw a small error. I needed to correct for the list length.

Find Domain.gh (11.6 KB)

(Ethan Gross) #5

And, if you want to minimize the gradient effect, you could try this.

Find Domain.gh (13.8 KB)


Interesting - thanks a lot Ethan, I will try to snippet that workflow into the larger script. Seems to make sense! Ive never seen that Conesc node before.