Colour gradient

Hi everyone

I have some values as output of a honeybee simulation. I want to colour the corrensponding mesh (on which they are perceived) in such a way that the green part of the gradient matches with the domain in the bottom.

I have seen that, double clicking on white dots i obtain some settings, but they are not what i’m looking for.

How could i do it?


Your gradient doesn’t have a distinct green part, it fades out to blue and red on either side.

The gradient grip parameters are always normalised (between zero and one) but you can assign a domain to the entire gradient. So if all the values in between 1000 and 2000 need to end up on the left half of the gradient, then you need to assign the values 1000 and 3000 to L0 and L1 respectively.

Thanks for your reply
I want something different. The domain that I’m using (0 -20600) should remain that, but i want the green part to match with the domain: 1000-2000.

Now, I know that i could do something like 1500:x=20600:100 that is x=7.2816 and set the white dot of colour zone to this value, but this doesn’t give me the possibility to control the “area” assigned to each colour.

Futhermore, if i connect everything, i don’t obtain the choosen colours :thinking:

There’s still no green part as far as I can tell, but if you need to place gradient grips at 1000 and 2000 respectively within a total gradient range from 0 to 20600, then they need to be at:

t_{1000} = \frac{1000}{20600} = 0.048... and t_{2000} = \frac{2000}{20600} = 0.097...

Basically, to get the normalised parameter for a value p in the domain (d_{min}, d_{max}) you have to compute p^\prime = \frac{p-d_{min}}{d_{max} - d_{min}}. It’s made easier in your case because d_{min} is zero.

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