Subdomain problem

Hi there,

i am a new user of Rhino. I already understood dividing a surface into subdomains. However, i could not figure out to handle separately the subdomains. Actually i want to populate each subdomain with different mesh member. I would be glad if you could help me.

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can you clarify this a bit? Are you trying to do something like zbrush micro mesh?

Hi Kyle,

i am trying to generate different density voronoi patterns in each of the subdivided domains. For example,
in the 1st domain, the density will be generated from 100 (count number) while in the second domain from 50 (count number). I could not handle the subdivided domains separately.

This sounds like a Grasshopper question, not SubD…

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Please provide relevant 3dm and gh files when asking questions so that people don’t have to guess what you are trying to do.