Divide domain, incremental / uneven spacing

Hello all,

Im aware there a couple of questions like this up here already, but after a fair bit of searching and experimenting I still cant find what I was looking for; hopefully Im not too causing too much duplication.

I used divide domain to split up a surface so I could use the corner vertices to interpolate curves across the surface.

I would like to ‘bunch up’ the domains, ie. have thinner domains towards the top and bottom of the surface, like the horizontal lines on the right img compared to the left one in the attached screen shot.

Can I vary the u or v domains somehow so they increase in size incrementally, eg. input a series of numbers and square them to get increasingly larger numbers that set the domains…?? if that makes sense…? or, maybe this needs a totally different approach.

Any advise very welcome!

incremental divide domain.gh (33.9 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

incremental divide domain_re.gh (69.4 KB)

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incremental divide domain_re

incremental divide domain_re.gh (37.5 KB)

another way.


@dowazura. Great approach. I always forget about Cross Reference. Very good example.

If interested in Plug-ins. You can use Pufferfish’s Parameter Subdivide Surface component.

ParamSubDivSrf.gh (13.7 KB)


Thankyou very much @HS_Kim, @dowazura and @Michael_Pryor, Ive just got back to my computer and about to have a proper look but these all seem great.

I really appreciate it!

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