Is it possible to adjust randomization?


So I’m working with a set of curvs/boundaries that I’m dividing into separate sets using the random command. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to adjust the strength of each domain? For example domain/set 0 should account for 65% of curvs/boundaries, and domain/set 1 should account for 20% of curvs/boundaries, domain/set 2 should account for 15% of curvs/boundaries. I hope this makes sense and someone can point me in the right direction. Maybe I can add a function or shift pattern, but not really sure.

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I don’t have your plugin…
Generate a list of random numbers, one for each curve/boundaries (floating point number 0 to 1).
If the number is 0 to 0.65 > domain/set 0
if from 0.65 to 0.85 > domain/set 1
the rest is domain/set 2

The plug-in is to help divide and back each set separately, thanks to Rickson. Basically everything after the gradient.

The randomize is happening before the plug-in. Ok so you’re suggesting to create like a list item with values?

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See if this helps.
That bit of math is to tolerate any list of values and still use them proportionally
(0.65+0.2+0.15=1 … but you can even use something like 0.9+0.6+0.2)

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Thanks Riccardo. That seems to be working and I understand how to adjust the values. :ok_hand: