SplitEdge Bug

When this edge was whole, I believe there was a blendsrf on the problem edge. It was partial and giving me problems. I split the edge to start over:

SplitEdgePreBug.3dm (95.1 KB)

I’m not sure if I deleted the blend before or after the split, but I was able to make a neighboring srf on the first segment. Now it shows two complete edges. BlendSrf couldn’t use it.

SplitEdgeBug.3dm (65.7 KB)

Hello - no idea how it got that way but it looks like the long surface has two edges piled on top of one another. Untrim to fix…


Thanks Pascal.

It happened again on another surface. I haven’t nailed down steps to reproduce because it doesn’t show up immediately. It’s something about a full or partial edge being used with blendsrf prior to the edge being split. Maybe edge split should break history?

MatchSrf was also involved both times. Not sure if it’s connected.