Rhino 7 bugs - JoinEdge and BlendSrf

Today I have found one bug in JoinEdge command, and another bug in BlendSrf command. The smoking gun is the attached Rhino 7 model (a.k.a. 3DM file).
rhino 7 edge bug.3dm (190.9 KB)

I tried to make (blue) blends between (magenta) rounded rectangles. There was minor problem - the rectangles had split edges.

I tried to join the split edges, but it did not work. Rhino 7 said: Command: JoinEdge… Select two unjoined edges… Select two unjoined edges… Unable to find overlapping intervals.

Next I tried to run the BlendSrf on the split edges. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it did not work.

When it worked, Rhino 7 said: Command: BlendSrf… Select first edge… Select segment for first edge… Select next segment for first edge… Select segment for second edge…

When it did not work, Rhino 7 said: Command: BlendSrf… Select first edge… Select second edge…

By the way, I made these rounded rectangles by splitting rectangular extrusion with SubD made by MultiPipe command.

Check the MergeEdge command. This will allow you to repair the edges and run your blend.

You may also use the chain edges option of blend in lieu of fixing the edges.

The nuclear option is the use the rebuildedges command

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I made a mistake because I used JoinEdge instead of MergeEdge. On the other hand there may still be a bug in the BlendSrf command.

If you can show us what it is we are always interested in squashing them!

When I use the BlendSrf command, and the edges are split into many segments, I would like to select them within the BlendSrf command. Sometimes the BlendSrf command allows me to do it, sometimes it does not. Of course, this is not major bug because I can merge the split segments before running the BlendSrf command.

use the chain edges option in the command line for that tool-

If I click the ChainEdges option before selecting any edges, the BlendSrf command works well. I did not use the ChainEdges option when I reported the bug. I cannot reproduce the bug now, so I probably did something wrong.