SplitAtCorners seems to be on strike

Hi @DanielPiker , the “SplitAtCorners” is one of those super-useful utilities that I would love to see become more robust.

Here, it just won’t do anything :
SpliAtCorners on strike.gh (13.2 KB)

Any idea why ?

Shouldn’t it be a polyline?

It is not a Polyline, two segments are not linear


OK, I get it : I see that some of the segments of my polyline are not lines, thus it’s in fact a poly-curve.
So this is the opportunity to let out a mini-rant about the many curve types GH distinguishes, yet the little means of filtering and sorting we have apart from the text description in the panel :

To me, there should be a more rigorous classification :
PLANARITY : Planar / Non-Planar
COMPOSITION : Single / Poly
TYPOLOGY : Lines / Curves / Mixed
PERIODICITY : Periodic / Non-periodic
TERMINATION : Closed / Open

The text description of a curve should comprise all of it’s above characteristic, which would be more useful in the end.

@DavidRutten ? Wouldn’t that be a nice feature in GH2 ?
As a math stickler, you should be seduced by this idea :wink:
Something similar could be said about surfaces, BTW.

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You were faster than me :slight_smile:
Yet, don’t you think that @DanielPiker could make this component even more useful by allowing polycurves ? After all, the angle at corners is also defined with “curved” curves.

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I always use Mesh corners

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An example of ambiguity with curve types is the “Polyline Through points” command in Rhino.
It allows to set the degree of the resulting curve (which in the case of deg=3 becomes a single curve, and not a “Poly-Curve” !), thus contradicting the very name of the command…

I originally wrote this just for accessing sides of meshes to assign different strengths to individual boundary cables, and there the input would always be a polyline.
I agree though that it could be useful to have something more general, so here’s a new scripted component that also works with polycurves.
Apart from accepting polycurves it is the same as the polyline one - it takes an angle threshold above which to split, and outputs a list of corners and segments.
curve_splitter.gh (6.1 KB)
(I can add this as a standard component to the next release)


Super !
Thank-you Daniel.
Apparently, there’s something it doesn’t like about that curve though :
curve_splitter bug.gh (8.3 KB)

That’s bizarre. Here’s what I get when opening your file and setting the angle threshold to 6 degrees. All the kinks are properly shown. Which version of Rhino are you testing in?

Rhino 6 SR23 2020-1-31

Is it perhaps finding all 17 kink points and just not displaying them?

Nope, it finds only 8
My file is in millimeters BTW.

Works for me too :wink:

DUh… my Angle Tolerance was set to 1°
I’ve set it to 0.1°, and now it works.