GH definitions that work fine in V6 are broken in V7 wip

Hi RMA Team,

we are finding some things that in Rhino /GH V6 work just fine to be totally broken in V7 wip. Are you aware of these problems?

So far we are seem that the Seam curve component and the Mesh-Mesh intersections are broken. Please let us know if you need files to see this.


There have been some things we know about (straight loft was broken a while back for example). Please tell us if you find a case, we appear to have no tests in place to automatically find these breakages.

Hi David, ok when we find them I can clean up the definitions and isolate the problem and share. Who do I send them to if I can’t post them here? You? Tech at McNeel?

Private message here or an email to

Hi Gustavo,

I am working on rewriting mesh-mesh intersections.

Do you think you could send some examples my way?

Thank you.

Hi @gustojunk, I didn’t receive any message, did you find some time to email me, too?



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi @piac, I have a draft message about it but missing some files. I’ve been traveling this week and flying home now. I’ll look for the files tomorrow and send them. Thanks for checking.


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