[WEBINAR] Day 3 (08/05/2020)

Feel free to discuss and ask questions about this morning’s session!

Download V1 of the ribs table here and Final Version here. You can check the result of the web application here and the source code of how the dragging of the control points work here.

Additionally, this is the model we used during today’s webinar session ThirdDay_Notes.gh (3.0 MB) and you can find the live web apps we checked today here:

  1. Supported Native Inputs: https://codepen.io/ShapeDiver/live/f86eb55df6f456786b06fbbfda79ede4
  2. Perforations Wall: https://app.shapediver.com/m/perforations-wall
  3. Lego generator: https://demos.shapediver.com/v2/bricker/

Remember that we will be releasing the video recording of this webinar at youtube.com/shapediver.
Thanks for joining and see you next time in future webinars!


Find all links to the files discussed today in this topic!

Hi Mathieu and Edwin :slight_smile: Thanks for the webinar.

I’ll link some images and thoughts did this morning. With my definitition. I dind’t check yet the final file and I didn’t do the nesting part (it’s totally new for me). But I solved almost all the “Orange” topics in my way. Could you tell me what you think?

  1. So first point was that when I was opening your file I had this error in the geometry. Just as a feedback

  2. The only point I’m not sure I’ve solved in the most optimal way was the " BREP - BREP " intersection. In both of the trials I did with your C# Curve-Line intersection:

    And in the native GH Curve-Line instersection

    I had some problems of in the order of the point… don’t know if was my error in the data tree…
    In the upper part there are some thoughts about it… I was thinking if could be some bug due the the starting point of the curve (I was testing with a polygon with 12 sides and 4 columns)

But at the end I’ve solved with Curve - Plane intersection and also with testing with polygon of 11 sides and 5 columns was working.

  1. Third and the last part I’m not 100% is the most efficient way was about the notches… I did a region difference instead of using booleans, much better but still 700ms.

If you have any thoughts about that I’ll link the GH file here.

RibsTable_MicheleFarina_3.gh (129.9 KB)

Thanks a lot, I hope to heard from you soon and also work at something with you. Cheers me Ezequiel,
Michele Farina.

@michele.farina I have checked your model and added some comments in blue groups: RibsTable_MicheleFarina_3_ShapeDiverReview.gh (155.3 KB)

In general, I recommend you to check the final version of the table model that we share at the beginning of this forum post. That will solve some doubts. We will also soon share the recorded webinar at youtube.com/shapediver so that you can go through it and practice the base concepts we share there.