Maybe Bug in "Surface Split" function?

Hi forum…

I’m desperate… I try to splitt a cyclinder with lines. But in addition to splitting the cyclinder with lines it is splitted at the cplane as well.
Is this a bug or a feature?

Thank you very much… (12.0 KB)

It’s the seam of your surface.

is there a way to remove this seam?`

No, a surface is always square.

But you can change your logic and move the seam to a place where it doesn’t hurt.

Instead of creating a pipe and then splitting its surface, you could also split the circle and extrude the segments.

tü (12.7 KB)

Thank you i did.

Now i have the problem the order of the surfaces is unstructured. is there a way to order the surfaces?

i have to cut 2 specific surfaces later to make a parametric fea model. (11.4 KB)

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Not if you use Martin´s method, which is a much cleaner and robust approach in my humble opinion.

Hi, @David_Seidel1

You mean order them like that?

surfacesplitbug (20.4 KB)