Split Surface Issue

Hello there,

I’m trying to split some surface with curve on Grasshopper, but it doesn’t work well.
The process is like below:

  1. prepare some surface to split.
  2. project some curve to that surface.
  3. run split surface, but it’s not splitted.

However, I don’t know why though, it seems to happen depending on surface size.
When I try to scale that surface, sometimes the Split Surface works properly.
But I need to split it without rescale.

Could someone have a look and give me a feedback on this issue?

issue_surface split.3dm (180.4 KB)
Issue_surface split.gh (32.9 KB)

Just change your model´s tollerance and it works.

Thank you for taking a look.
When I changed it, other procedures got unexpected results.

For example, “t” parameter in Shatter compornent will be not able to get same results as the former tolerance’s setting.
In my case, the objects should be rescaled depending on spec of product. Before changed the tolerance’s setting, “t” parameter in Shatter returns splitted curves in similarity ratio in spite of scale of obejects.

But when changed tolerance, it doesn’t returns similarity curves - like the attached images.
I thought “t” parameter returns similarity ratio result, but is that not correct?
Is the tolerance setting affected something?
Or is there anything solution except changing the tolerance?

I’m sorry for the confusing explanation.

object scale : 166mm

object scale : 140mm

I’m sorry about the above reply.
It was a mistake.
I got the expected results anyway.

Thank you.

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