Surface Split Issue


I am having an issue that I fail to understand, I want to cut a collection of surface with a collection of curves, both data trees are matching, but when I use the surface split component, I am having ‘random’ lines that appear and cut the surfaces ! (those that aren’t normal to the surface in this screenshot).

I’d like to know if somebody has experienced something similar or can enlighten me on this topic…

Thanks a lot !

drancy_modif.3dm (10.5 MB) (225.7 KB)

I think the grasshopper definition somehow failed to be embedded into your post

It should work now :slight_smile:

grasshopper files have extension .gh I see only rhino .3dm files :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right, I was uploading the wrong file…should be good now

looks like your surfaces to be split are already trimmed, and that is causing some weird things:
if you pass your initial surfaces through a curve parameter → it will take JUST their boundary curve

and because they are all planar, you can plug them directly to split surface without need to transform them manually into surfaces again (231.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot !! I’ll try this rn