How to solve splitting returns no result when using surface split?

When I use Surface Split, the buttton turns red. It seems like the surface cannot be split. What is the problem?

1.3dm (207.2 KB) (509.6 KB)

Hovering on the F output of the Surface Split component tells me something is wrong with path {6}

Some of your curves have self-intersections. Actually you have more self-intersections, also on other surfaces.

This should be some circle I generated with grasshopper. I tried the same coding with other surfaces and it works well. Only the 6th path goes wrong. What is the problem of it?

Did you purposely set the tolerance to 1 unit?

I changed it to 0.01 which I is standard in the template Large Objects - Millimeters

Takes a while to split all surfaces but that seems to be it…