Split surface Fails even with intersections

Hi All

Can anyone help me with this issue here? I have 2 sufaces that intersects each other clearly and yet I cannot split them ( in this case I want to split the curve bottle neck with the body).

Many thanks!
split problem.3dm (2.4 MB)

Hello - two things jump out at me -

  1. Tolerance in the file is .1 - it’s generally best to model at .01-.000001. See

  2. The neck still has the full underlying surface of the bottle - turn on control points to see that. So ShrinkTrimmedSrf then split.


Hi Pascal
Thank you so much, after increasing the tolerance and shrinking the surface worked for me.

Why would Rhino refuse to trim/split if I did not shrink the surface (which sometimes produces cracked up surfaces if I try to trim or split )

much appreciated