BUG? Unable to split a surface with a pipe

The simple surface included in the attached file can’t be split by the pipe that was built from a projected curve onto the surface. For some reason Rhino will refuse to find intersection between the ball end cap of the pipe and the surface. I was able to split the surface by replacing the ball end cap with a true ball, but I thought that reporting this particular case may help improve Rhino in the future and reduce other cases like this.

Unable to split this surface with the pipe.3dm (143.5 KB)

Hi Bobi - bring the file tolerance down to .001 and it will work. It does seem like it ought to at .01 but passing through a singularity may cause extra complications. With a more arbirtrarily oriented sphere, it does work at .01.

RH-66822 SSX short through pole


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Hi Pascal, that worked and I know the trick with bumping the tolerance, though I would wish that the file tolerance of 0,01 mm could handle it properly, because the ball diameter of 5 mm is big enough to not make that issue. :slight_smile: If you remember, I notified you multiple times during the past few years about that strange behaviour of Rhino when it comes to splitting. A quick forum search brings a topic I created specifically for that issue: