Split or trim surface

i just don,t understand w`hat is happening here i try everything (i think) but it don,t work
i try to split or trim this selected surface but i get the message
Split failed, objects may not intersect or intersections may not split object.

i have translate this in Dutch but ??? i realy don,t know what this mean
help please

Hi Peter,

What is it you’re trying to split? If you’re trying to split the main object which is grey in your screenshot, the yellow surface needs to extend past the edges of the grey object in order for the command to work.

If you’re trying to split the yellow surface with the grey object then it may not be a closed object. Use the command ShowEdges to see if it highlights any errors.

You can also try a couple of other commands to speed up that process:

I hope that helps


Hi Andy thanks for you fast reply i try to split the yellow surface but i try it for more than 1 hour now i am getting
greazzy -:slight_smile: i wil try it whit your sugesstions
thenks !!

Hi Peter,

My first suggestion would be to use the command _Intersect and see if it creates a clean intersection. You can sometimes use that command and the curve which it outputs to then split the surface.

Can you share the model on here?

Caballero curve test.3dm (458.2 KB)
i really getting greazzy -:slight_smile: i hope you can help me out-:slight_smile:

Hi Andy i find the problem i just redraw the splitting curves an now it works ??
greetings Peter
i have to see i first create the curve in a 3d an after that i use the command to the c plane maybe that was the problem
gr Peter
thanks for your Help !!!

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