Split object into parts

there was a discussion on this subject here

Here I have tried another solution, it has some plugin, some of them could be skipped and other changed.
But the logic is
1)Generate a solid brep/mesh of the object, I use here Dendro to close the mesh, it is not 100 % perfect but seems to work here.
2)Generate points inside the volume

3)Cluster these points with K-Mean clustering for example

4)Calculate the center of the Cluster
5)Make a 3D Voronoi (intersection with object will be a plane or planar surfaces.

  1. Make solid intersection

12 pieces here

5 pieces

40 pieces

Bison is not exactly what wanted @martynjhogg has it is volume
Volume from 1.8138e+6 To 3.2192e+6

And if you want the most stable positions, use stable positions From Nautilus plugin

Branch to split LD.gh (5.1 MB)