Mesh split for CNC

Hi everyone,

I am looking for help to split a mesh terrain into 6 pieces for CNC milling. This model is scaled into 2 different scales, the unit is inch, Rhino6. When we take it to CNC, it needs to be split into 6 pieces with 2" thickness and 39.53" width of each. so I am able split it horizontally however, I can’t split it vertically(on Z axis) with Meshsplit and Mesh boolean Split. Plus, it will also need to be 6 individual solid mesh. My own way is to hand draw each face, mesh them, and then join and reduce mesh. It would be extremely helpful to me if anyone can share their better workflow/methods to do this.

Does anyone know how to work with this issue?

PS: This is a mesh generated from RhinoTerrain, and I can’t get this far without the extensive help from @Holo, shout out for him and his tools!. I am almost there…



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Hi Peiming,

I made a mesh splitter a while back and could adapt that to this kind of work, but it would take some time to fix (maybe during the easter, hope that is fast enough)
In the meantime, did you download my tool TerrainMesh?
That combined with the script I sent you + CullDegeneratedMeshFaces + ReduceMesh should give you the result you got from me. And then you can split the curves BEFORE you mesh them and thus not need to split the mesh… (As a workaround until I combine the tools)

You can download the latest WIP of TerrainMesh here:
New: TerrainMesh plugin (in alpha/beta)

Hi Holo,

I really appreciate your repose and contribution to my post and the overall forum!

I have been(still) working on that model. Btw, the terrainmesh plugin you provide is working so well that I don’t think I need rhinoterrain anymore.

But I am coming back for the same issue… (I really wish I have the skill and knowledge to fix all these, sigh) Anyway, to answer your solution. Sorry I didnt explain my question well, so I need to Split them in to solid pieces, and I tried your suggestion, it’s a good method(alternative) but it only work for only surfaces. If I need a solid piece, I either have to hand draw evey surface, or use boolean split or different tool. and the problem they can’t be split. I have tried so many different ways such as, using box/surfaces to do all kinds of split and booleans. but they all didn’t work or require tremendous amount of repair, and I just can’t do that because of limited time I have. I also try Blender and Fusion, some just can’t handle mesh with this size…

I provided another example of solid mesh that Im looking for… Please anyone help if you can… Thanks.

Actually I made a tool for that too.
But you can extrude the mesh into a solid bu ctrl-drag the mesh and then subselect the lower points and then xyz-set those with z direction only. (All done in 5sec)

I’m using rhino6, when I do control drag it only moving the center of the gumball…

Drag THEN press ctrl and hold while you release :slight_smile:

Hi Holo, it been a while.

I have a good news(see pics). Finally can see the products. Although I didn’t extrude them the way you taught me(I tried left and right click and neither of them works with control key…), instead I use the pristine way- EdgeSrf for all 6 pieces… I’m glad it worked out tho.

Like I said I couldn’t finish this without your generous help, Thanks agian!

After I experiment your TerrainMesh tool, I think its faster and better quality than RhinoTerrain so, please let us know when it released! One more thing, I experimented different tolerance with the same contour, when I compare it to the mesh you made for me, I found that yours smoother. what tolerance did you use? and did you do any other modification to it?
Last… I still want to learn how you would do that horizontal cut, so please update me if you ever split/cut them successful!

Many thanks!



Thanks for the update and I am glad it worked out for you!

Oh… I just realized this only works when using the Gumball… drag the arrow that representz Z and then hold CTRL down when releasing the mouse button…

I actually did… and it will only move the center anchor