Split Edge in WIP 6

This is a weird one. Try splitting two edges ( marked with points ) and than use duplicate edge. I’m suddenly getting two overlapping edges to choose from…!
Split on the other two sides works fine.


SplitEdge.3dm (40.6 KB)

Hi Darius - I see that, thanks. Don’t know why yet…
It looks like the edges are already ‘split’ there - that is, they are not quite tangent at that point so ta curve from DupEdge, even though one curve explodes into two at that location. I don’t know what happens to make the extra edge but I’ll put it on the developer’s pile, it does look like something needs to be fixed.



It appears to be a selection highlight bug…

If I use PlanarSrf from a circle, and split the edge in one place, then run MergeEdge, then I get the same full circle highlight as expected.
If I split the edge of the circle surface in multiple places, then MergeEdge highlight seems right and only highlights the segment.

I’m guessing that when the edge curve has an end, then only the one side should highlight but both sides are highlighting as if edge does not have an end.

V5 acts much the same way.