ReplaceEdge bug?

When I use replaceedge with selectcurve option on this example, the result is an edge that wraps around a hard corner instead of breaking at the corner.weird replace edge result.3dm (53.0 KB)

Is this repeatable by anyone?

What curve are you selecting as the replacement for the edge?

Isn’t there just one curve in the whole file? Here’s a video b/c I’m probably not explaining it well…

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Is this the problem?

If so, then the issue is related to the fact that the underlying untrimmed surface is not big enough to be trimmed by your curve (your curve lies slightly outside the untrimmed surface, causing the gap).

‘duplicate border’, ‘untrim’, ‘extend surface’ and finally ‘trim’ with the duplicate border resolves the problem.

Cheers, Norbert

The problem isn’t that it doesn’t quite match the input curve (although I think it should in this case, but maybe that’s a different problem. Also, I think the ExtendSideEdges option should work in this example and it doesn’t) The problem is that the resulting surface has an ‘edge’ that wraps around a corner. At the end of my video, you can see that I select DupEdge, click on that corner of the surface, and the selection wraps around the sharp edge as if it’s a single edge.

Ah, okay. Now I understand.
Anyway I can confirm that this happens even with the extended surface and also with the “angled curve” substituted by a degree 1 polycurve (as opposed to the degree 3 in your file).
The edge can be easily split at the corner, but there is definetly something strange happening here…

Can anyone at RMA replicate this?