Split a curve after a specific length

I’m looking for a command, or a series o commands, to split a curve (not linear) after a specific length. For example a 15cm not linear curve after 3,45cm… any suggestion? Thanks


Just type it or under Menu:
Curve/point object/divide curve by/ length of segments

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Hello - if I understand you, use SubCrv with Mode=MarkEnds and then use the points to split the curve.

SubCrv.3dm (28.1 KB)



@lucavsnt Here’s a python script that Mitch @Helvetosaur created. It puts a point on the curve measured from either end. You can then split with that point.
PlacePointAlongCrvOrEdge.py (1.8 KB)

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The Mode=MarkEnds and the python script are not necessary.

  1. Start the SubCrv command.
  2. Select the curve.
  3. Pick new start of the curve.
  4. Type new length of the curve.
  5. Hit Enter key.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much, with SubCrv I have solved my problems…

If you want to Split the curve, this is not the answer.


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I used the divide command,
Select the length
Input the distance.

This worked well