Divide curve from end at distance

I am currently converting from ACAD to Rhino and was wondering if there is a simple function for dividing curves from end at a certain distance? I basically need a one click solution to divide a curve at 380 mm from end point

Hello- SubCrv may help here.


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Hi there,
thanks for this. It kind of works when Mode=MarkEnds, but after alot of clicking a point gets dropped at 380 mm from the curve end. Is there some kind of one-click solution to just cut the curve at the end at the given distance? Potentially, this command needs to be applied to houndreds of curves in a row…

whatever workflow you choose - make sure the direction
of the curves to divide is correct.

divide_curve_at_length.gh (11.8 KB)

stuff like this is quite easy with grasshopper or scripting…
find a simple solution with grasshopper.
I added some comments in the definition to get you started.

Hope this helps - kind regards - tom

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If you’re not going the Grasshopper route, then the native commands, Divide and Measure place Point objects on the curve.

Based on your description, my guess is you’re looking for the Rhino Measure command.

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It seems that Measure was replaced with Divide.

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It looks like Divide and Measure were so similar, they were combined into Divide.
The Measure command functionality is covered by the Length option, and Measure is internally aliased to run Divide.

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Thanks for this, I will try this out once I advance to GH. As of now I just wanted to get to know the basic functions of Rhino - so I have a better understanding what is possible.

I finally had the time to look at your components. Thanks a lot for this to get started - also very detailed descriptions! I struggle to understand how the gh you provided is any different from the divide component? - which is also not sufficient for the task I want to create. The goal is the following:
Take selection of curves => divide each at X from both ends => long middle part to be divided in equal parts

the grasshopper definition is more or less the same then the rhino command subCrv.

because you wrote “hundreds of curves” - this is why scripting and or grasshopper will help you.
it is not the functionality.

this is a bit a different task then initially posted

I guess the divide step of the middle part at the end would be fairly simple- thats why i did not mentioned it initially. I am still working on the components, but until now I could not figure out how to do the initial split at distance X from each end.

by components you mean grasshopper components ?

Yes thats correct - Whats the original name (Revit-Dynamo called them nodes!)?
Anyway, with the help of your initial file (divide_curve_at_length.gh) I was able to replicate the same workflow at the other side of the curve ( using “Flip Curve”). Thanks for the help - I still have to learn more about how to implement domains correctly - it helps a lot!

CHS flat roof_Ph2 model parametric.gh (13.0 KB)