Split a Brep with a Delaunay Mesh

Hello everyone,

I am trying to split a Brep with a Delaunay Mesh. Is it possible ? I can’t figure out a way to cut my brep except from a plane or a curve or a surface.

Does anyone has an idea ?

Thanks a ton in advance and happy new year to everyone !


Well I’m not very familiar with components thus I don’t know if the Method Brep.CreateFromMesh is available (if it is replace the first thing with native GH stuff: that yields the cutter for the split).

For the split part either use the 2nd thing or as an excersize try (for solid results) to use 2 times the native component in the red group (swap cutter with brep for the “cap”: meaning that the brep splits the cutter in order to get the “cap” brep) and join the pieces in order to get solids as results.

NOTE: obviously you sould position the cutter in such a way that actually splits the Brep in 2 valid pieces otherwise the split is meaningless.

Load R file first

Brep_splitWithMesh_V1.3dm (113.7 KB)
Brep_splitWithMesh_V1.gh (118.3 KB)

Get a 100% native components solution as well (but is not very imfomative in case of failures)

Brep_splitWithMesh_V1DUAL.gh (128.5 KB)

And this is the proper thing:

Brep_splitWithMesh_V2DUAL.gh (128.4 KB)
Brep_splitWithMesh_V2DUAL.3dm (936.1 KB)

  1. C# deals with breps lists and checks are more elaborated
  2. Pure Native GH Components solution left unfinished just before the last step: take the challenge and combine the right pieces (splitted and breps for the cap) in order to get your solids.

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