How to cut or split a Delaunay Mesh

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if it is possible to cut, or split a delaunay mesh ?
Basically I have list of points, which constitute my delaunay mesh. Then I want to cut or split the mesh with either plans either a closed polyline. In attachement I have put what I could do until now on grasshopper.

I tried the component Mesh | Plan section, but i can not get the differents parts of the mesh splited.
I hope it is understandable, sorry for my english :))Delaunay Mesh to split.3dm (253.2 KB)

If anyone has an idea of how I could cut or split a delaunay mesh, that would be fantastic :)))

Thanks a ton in advance,

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KostyaDelaunay Mesh to (6.4 KB)

Try to use “Mesh Split” instead.

Delaunay Mesh to (12.1 KB)

Thank you so much, indeed, very efficient !
By the way do you have any idea of how I could extrude this result ?
Or is it impossible to extrude a Delaunay mesh ?

Thank you so much again !!

Try “Weaverbird” plugin…