Split brep with curves

I’m trying to script ‘a way to cut the brep with curves,’ but it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for your response.

20181022 problem split surface with curves 00.gh (33.3 KB)

Hello @ForestOwl

Try using Split Brep instead.
Edit: Looks like you are using “brep:brep” which gives you curves of your intersecting breps instead of splitting them.

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BTW: In case that you want to split Meshes with a Mesh (from a Box [either user provided or made internally as union Box]) see attached. Using solely code since it performs a variety of checks (and reports detailed results as well).

Mesh_BooleanSplit_V1.gh (141.2 KB)

NOTE: In your data … Mesh N7 (after disjoining, checking etc etc) appears problematic. Either a Mesh Split Rhino issue OR there’s something in that thing that Valid, Manifold, Doublicate Faces checks etc etc can’t deal with.

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BTW: Performed other (freaky) checks on that mesh or yours N7: still refuses to play ball properly. Maybe I sould bring this case into David’s attention (obviously in a separate file isolating N7 VS the splitter mesh [from the Box]).

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Thank you! So kind of you! I appreciate your work very much.

First I used the mesh split and tried to alter it. Now I am trying both meshes and breps. I think for what I have now is very useful. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I think I can get along with it with what you gave me. Thank you!

Well … mesh N7 teach us that we must trust nobody: meaning that one should provide a last check as well :

If for a given mesh that is supposedly inside or outside the Box (this should happen if Split returns null) there’s mesh face centers inside the box AND there’s mesh face centers outside the box as well … this means that we have a bananas case on hand.

Meaning that a V1A update is a must.

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How I solved that, I pulled the center point of the box to each mesh (cutted breps) and then did a dispatch with an ‘pointinbrep’ thingy set on strictly. In this way, I was able to filter the ‘only the ‘‘inside the box’’ breps.’