Brep Split Fail

Hi All,

I can not seem to get this Brep to split with any method, is there something I have done wrong here or is there a problem?

I have used this tool elsewhere on the page and it worked fine.

Please see the file attached

Many thanks in advance
Brep Split (17.1 KB)

Here’s another way.

Brep Split (30.4 KB)

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Additional -

I have tried baking the splitting surfaces and the brep into Rhino and it works no problem at all.

Doesn’t seem to work with either solid difference or split multiple or split single

Thank you HS Kim, I will take a look. Any ideas as to why it wouldn’t work? Just out of interest

This really helps, many thanks.

I’m not sure why the split failed but the brep could be constructed in a different (better?) way from a single perimeter curve:

Brep (19.3 KB)

As pointed out by @HS_Kim & @Joseph_Oster, no need to split if you just construct your brep differently (probably the best approach).

Alternatively, you can split your brep by using a simple C# script and bypassing the Offset component to get your cutting curves:

double tol = RhinoDocument.ModelAbsoluteTolerance;
A = brep.Split(cutters,tol);

Brep Split (28.9 KB)

Note that cutting curves must be at least partially on the Brep (this is the reason for bypassing the Offset component in your script).

You could also use the overloaded version of this function that accepts breps as cutters, but it seems to be a little slower.


Thank you both for your replies, it really does help when learning.

Unfortunately I am not able to code either Python or C# but this I would love to learn one day.