Rhino 5 Save as wont work

When i go to Save As, I have no options to name my file its just the default untitled. This is an issue because i not only can i not name my files, but i can’t save more than one file because without changing the name it just replaces my other saved files.

Is this on a button or do you type the command? Did it use to work on your system?

Both the button and by command give the same result. I just installed the program a couple of days ago

Hi Joel- you do not get a file Save dialog? What happens, anything at all?


The way it works for me is that when I’m working on a file it’s name is shown at the top of the Rhino window. If it’s a new file, the name Rhino supplies automatically is “untitled”.

When I decide I want to save it as a file with a different name that I assign, I use “Save As”. This opens a Windows-like file-open screen which offers up the original name of the file as the name for the new file. If I select the offered name, it’s the same as just using “Save”. But if I type a new name over the original name, or modify the original name in some way by editing it, then a new file is created with the new name, and the new name is displayed at the top of the Rhino window.

Are you seeing something different?