Emergency open of auto-saved file vs. splashscreen file selection

I have only noticed this in v7 (not saying it doesn’t happen in v6, I just have not checked), and I just updated to the most recent, so we’ll see if it is still the case, but here is the sequence I have observed:

  1. Rhino crashes
  2. Upon re-opening, the splash screen is shown, and I select file X
  3. The “do you want to open auto-saved doc” dialog pops up, I click Yes
  4. The auto-saved document is opened, until all viewports have been set up
  5. Immediately after, I see an “_Open” appear in the command line
  6. File X chosen in step 2 is automatically opened

The auto-save document still exists, and I can go find it in appdata if I want, but I guess this scenario needs some tuning-up.

check the trash- they should get routed there.

Thanks, but the problem I’m reporting here is that when rhino asks if you would like to open your auto-save after crashing, it effectively ignores your answer, if you have (just before that) selected a document from the splash screen – if you say yes, open the auto save, it does that, but then immediately forgets it just asked you this, and opens the one selected in the splash screen.

oof that is ugly. what version?

so to be clear,
you picked something other than the autosave 1st fro the template list, then picked open the autosave for the popup, and it ignores that request but goes with the 1st one (template choice) correct?

to me it seems the bug is, if there is an autosave to open it should offer that dialog 1st before allowing you to choose anything else…does that sound right?

It was the v7 build prior to the current one, and I did not check v6.

The splash screen is shown first, so you don’t know if there’s gonna be opportunity to rescue from auto-save, so you do like always and choose whichever doc you want.

Then, the “do you want to recover this auto-save” dialog comes up, and you say yes, I wanna do that.

The auto-save document is opened, to the point that if you had raytraced enabled in the auto-save, it will start rendering in the viewport.

Then, you see “_Open” appear in the command-line, and the document you chose from the splash screen is then opened.

Your proposed solution sounds like it would work.