Save file BUG in latest beta

Hi guys,
me again.
I’m having trouble saving a new file from the latest beta: 6.0.17262.13121, 19/09/2017
I can overwrite and existing one but not create a new file from rhino.

Any thought?


Hi Skysurfer- I’ll check this, thanks.
So far this works here in the latest builds -

File > New, then Save.


Hi Pascal,
probaly I found the problem.
It looks like the SAVE button works correctly while the “enter” doesn’t
If I put the filename and I hit ENTER the window close but the file isnt’ saved.

Pls check this.


Hi skysurfer - what does the command line say when the process is finished?


that’s the weird thing.
the command close without doing anything, nor writing on the command line.

as said in the BUG: V6.0.14350.5541 doesn't save!
looks relateed to DropBox folder.

Hi @skysurfer,

If you save to a non-Dropbox monitored folder, does Rhino 6 save files as expected?

– Dale

Hi Dale,
I did a very very fast try and this is the result:
Desktop OK
OneDrive OK
Dropbox FAIL!
I’ll try with a more complex file tomorrow and let you know.

Thanks to keep an eye on this.

Hi @skysurfer,

The issue with DropBox, Goggle Drive, and other cloud storage services is that they have a background service, running on your system, which is constantly trying to sync file changes to the cloud. Inevitably, you run into a situation where you are trying to save a Rhino file that the service has locked because it is in the process of syncing.

In regards to DropBox, make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the operating system application. For example, I’m using DropBox for Windows version 40.4.46. Not that this fixes the problem. But it may minimize the occurrence.

– Dale