Spiral Tornado Structure


Does anyone know how to create this structure using grasshopper?
I am completely new to the program.


You can use this spiral tool to create spiral curve and then spirals around spiral curve.

Thank you for your reply!
Do you know the way of making the square pipe as shown in the picture so that it has those sharp edges?

Just make a tapered extrusion and use the Twist component.

Something like this could be a good start point:

My example produces meshes, but if you prefer surfaces, simply replace the MLoft+ component with a Sweep1.

The second loft can be produced by creating another helix curve with negative x- and y-values.

spiral_tornado_v1.gh (19.4 KB)

My interpretation using twist component and using loft from rectangles.

spiral tornado.gh (22.6 KB)

Changing loft by mesh

spiral tornado v2.gh (28.1 KB)


This is amazing!

Thank you guys, that’s very helpful

@aleksgutkowska, you can also combine parts of Laurent’s with my script, if you want to have a quad mesh, instead of a triangulated one. Only the end caps are hard to have as quad geometry, since their boundary is polygonal with more than 4 vertices.

spiral tornado 2.gh (26.4 KB)


Thanks a lot for this!

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