Sphere preview Wireframe V6 vs V5

The preview of a sphere in wireframe mode only shows the seam. Is this on purpose? Drawing a sphere in V5 looks more clear to me. Also, the strange thing is, when I copy the sphere I drew in V6 to V5, it shows it in the same minimal way as in V6.
Here is V6:

180121 Preview sphere.3dm (230.8 KB)

And here is V5 with pasted sphere form V6:

180121 Preview sphere v5.3dm (240.3 KB)

Hei Siemen,
The behavior you describe sounds like the display of isocurve being turned off. You can do that for individual objects by going into the properties panel and under Isocurve Density uncheck Show surface isocurve.

When this happens with geometry as it is being added, you probably have Rhino Options > General > Default surface isocurve density turned off or set to 0.

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Thanks Wim, this did the trick. Is this off by default or did I change this in the beta version? Can’t recall me changing it or why I would do that.

I wouldn’t think so - if you had asked this an hour earlier, I could have checked ;^) I just completely uninstalled anything wip/beta 6 and installed 6.0 and the wip 7. I don’t survive long in the factory-default settings and imported the General portion of the options from backup…

At any rate, I’ve never heard of this setting change by itself.

Please explain “imported the General portion of the options from backup”. Sounds interesting.

Before uninstalling, I exported my Rhino Options to a text file (OptionsExport). I then installed Rhino 6 from scratch (i.e. after deleting stuff in the registry and file system that stays behind) and used OptionsImport to get my customized user options back. I am reluctant to get everything from the wips and betas and picked, amongst a few others, the “General” options - see dialog:


Great tip. Didn’t know you could do that! Thanks.