Sphere collide issues

Sphere collide.3dm (298.5 KB)
Sphere collide 2.gh (10.2 KB)
I am trying to apply, using Kangaroo, the sphere collide to a series of points on a curve.
I did a simulation and I extrapolate the stress curve (with millipede)

. On this curve, I divided equally. I want to ensure a certian distance between all the points (especially in the bottom left). For this reason I wanted to use the sphere collide to “move” my points in order to ensure a certain distance (radius 0.02).
I use Kangaroo, but when I run the simulation the circles still overlap.

You need to flatten the input objects data tree, otherwise they are only colliding with others on the same curve.

Thanks, do you know if there is a way to make move these “spheres” not randomly but along a certian path? like lines?