Kanagroo 2 collide force

Hello, I am trying to collide multiple spheres with one sphere to generate curves by the physical movement of collided spheres through kangaroo 2. I have used collide force with anchors at endpoints. Also, a grab force so that I can move the base sphere manually to generate collisions in the rhino viewport intuitively. Am I missing spring force or my way of approaching this problem is not correct? Please have a look at the attached script and advice me. Thank you.

kangaroo 2 collide.gh (8.2 KB)

I think the spheres along your line cannot really collide with themselves…

I’d suggest to use a Length(Line) goal to keep the spheres nicely distributed. The OnPlane goal keeps them on the XY plane.

Use Entwine to plug all goals into the solver. This way you get outputs with the same path structure.

kangaroo 2 collide.gh (18.7 KB)

Thanks a lot, Martin. That surely helped to understand what I was doing wrong, but after seeing this method I am thinking that using attractors or magnetic fields would be a better idea to achieve what I am trying to develop.

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