Question: How to deform a grid with collision

Hello, I am looking for some grasshopper experts who could help me.
I have a grid and a sphere and whant to bump the sphere into the grid. The grid has to change, is flexible and moves to a new position trough the push.
I scatched this in Rhino. You can see the pictures below. Can you help me to find a way to program this in grasshopper?

Thank you very much!

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these are the pictures

i think the softbody and rigidbody collider in the kangaroo section should do that. that is @DanielPiker tier. what is your further intention with this method?

The kangaroo simulation depends heavily on the type of goals applied.

What sort of deformations are tolerable on the mesh cells? Are all points free to move or are some of them constrained on an axis?


hi Martin, could you post that what you have already? was that so quick to set up?

Sure :slight_smile:

Geometry is not internalized. Move the sphere in Rhino.

22_01_31_kangaroo_point_solid_collision.3dm (404.3 KB) (22.2 KB)

Below is a quicker approach without Kangaroo: (108.9 KB)

Base mesh and sphere is internalized in this definition

Hi Martin, thank you so much!!! That helped me allready a lot!!!

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