Point Solid Collide problems with Kangaroo2

Try as I may, I can’t get the point/Solid Collide function to work on Kangaroo2 w/ Rhino5.

I have a mesh sphere built around a solid mesh and have created a zero length target on the sphere. The target mesh is set as the “solid” in a solid point collide and the verticies of the sphere are the points. For some reason, the sphere passes through the solid without the proper collisions.

My ultimate goal is to “shrinkwrap” the target mesh.

Has anyone had any similar experience and potential solutions for this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi David, do you have a file you can share? Maybe the mesh sphere needs more vertices?

Hi Wilco,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll attach the file for your reference.

Also, I would also like to implement the Volume Goal as well, but it was almost having the reverse effect. I had the volume set to zero, but it appeared to inflate instead.

-DavidShrinkWrap_Tunneling.gh (265.5 KB)

I remember reading somewhere long ago that the solid point collide had a bug in it where the strength input is divided by 1,000,000? I think its 1 Mil, might be 100,000, either way the concept is the same. just turn that strength dial to balls to the wall and it should work. I will try and confirm.

if you double click the canvas and type “balls to the wall” you get a slider from 0 to infinity!

don’t be giving away secret pro tips like that…

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